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What can I expect from the "typical" Sigma sister?
There is no "typical" Sigma sister. Sisterhood is not a mold for women to fit into. Nor does it make each sister who they are. Each sister contributes her talent, idealism, devotion and energies to the greater organization, giving our sisterhood the character it has today. We hope that each sister will enhance our sisterhood, by helping it to grow and evolve.

How is ΣΨΖ different from other sororities?
Generally speaking, all sororities are pretty similar. Every sorority: works hard to support a national philanthropy, has their own history, contributes to their community, and offers social activities.

However, the main difference between SYZ and any sorority are the women in our organization. When choosing a sorority to rush or pledge, the most important factor should be how comfortable you feel and how well you get along with the sisters. Ask yourself, do you feel relaxed while chatting with them? Can you see yourself hanging out with them in the future? If the answer is YES, you should definitely consider joining! After all, sisterhood lasts beyond pledging and even beyond college. It lasts for a lifetime.

Do you have a brother fraternity?
Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. does not have a brother fraternity. As a sorority that prizes strong, independent women, we have made a deliberate choice to remain unaffiliated with another Greek organization. Although we may have activities with other fraternities on campus, as Sigma women our independence is something we take extreme pride in.

What is expected of me as a rushee?
Nothing. Rush events are free and open to all women!

Will rushing other sororities hurt a rushee’s chance of getting a bid?
Absolutely not. We encourage all interested women to search carefully for a sorority that best suits them. The more information you gather, the better able you are able to make an informed decision.

What about school? How would Sigma affect my grades?
As college students, we all know that academics is the most important aspect to our future. Therefore, Sigma promotes academic excellence throughout the entire process (pledging to if you become a sister)--study sessions, separate study hours, etc.




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